Finally the first sprint has be done, that was to make a stable build and send it to some tester for getting there feedback
This was a real succes, thanks everyone to send there ideas and the lists of what needs to be fixed first before implementing new stuff inside the game.

Now we first are going to implement these feedback bugs and features.
For now we still doing very well and things are improving almost every day.


It has been a month now since last blog post, and what have we done so far ?
Well the training map is becomming real nice if may say so.

Also we are hard working to implement grenades inside the game.
Like smoke, flashbang and impact grenades.
The animations are implemented yesterday, now we need to rewrite te code for the weapons implementation.
Because this is interrupting mechanics like grenades and knifes.

Also we working on the metro map, but this we not sure if this has a good basis.
But time will tell


Finally the door system is working, while playing around with it also started to learn more of Blender
Now had texture paint working also in it.

Playing around made me think about inserting a keycard system... and that is inside the game now.
When you want to enter the office building you need to find a keycard, without the door will not open.


Well we can feel it is getting summer time here in this part of the world.
Yes we still working from home at the daily job, and it was already hitting 30..

Not done very much this week on Alpha, just some simple things.. but it is to hot and that not makes it easy to concentrate.
Hopefully there will betere temperatures for the weekend.


Finally the image slider is working on the main page. so we can add multiple images of the progress we are making in the game.
This weekend we will bussy on the second map.
For now we have the idea, to create 3 maps:
- Arena, for single and multiplayer close combat map.
- Escape office experiance.
Well that are to maps explained.. the last one we will not be spoiled.. but we can say.. it will be a not easy map to play.
That is the news for now..


Started the developer blog today,

After a long periode of setting up the basics for the Alpha Responder game, it is now time for keeping a blog of the programming status.
Also we added the the social media links on the right top of the screen, so you can see what is happening.
For example on Youtube there are concept videos that we not share on the website.

Remember im a single indie developer who still has a normal day job beside doing all this.